Experiential Retreat

EDIT™ Certified In-Person Retreat 

Are you looking for eating disorder certification?
Want experiential training in-person with Dr. Dorie?
Would you like to attend the next retreat events?

Eating Disorder Conferences 
Week-Long Retreats

GALVESTON ISLAND, TX:  April 25 – May 1, 2021

BRECENRIDGE, CO:  September 12 – 18, 2021

Are you a counselor, dietician, life coach or other health professional?
Do you desire training and certification to work with eating disorders?
Would you like to share “soul food” with wise women in a magical mountain setting?

During this special eating disorder conference offered during week-long retreats, you can earn a certification in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ which is a comprehensive approach for the treatment of eating disorders, featuring a combination of evidence-based practices and innovative integrative techniques.

Learn the 5 Principles of EDIT™ with Dr. Dorie

  • Love Your Self — improve body image and clarify values
  • Be True To Your Self — intuitive eating and mindful meal skills
  • Express Your Self — explore emotions as healing messengers
  • Give To Your Self — self-care to replace eating disorders
  • Believe In Your Self — relapse prevention for ongoing success

Not only will you explore what these principles mean from a clinical standpoint, you’ll also discover how to truly live these five principles in your own life! Over the course of the eating disorder conference weekend retreat, you’ll become nourished with “soul food” through introspection, exploration in nature (walking, hiking and other options), and deep connection with the other participants on the retreat. You’ll return home with enhanced clinical skills, enriched self-care, and enlivened friendships.

PLUS: The 6th EDIT™ Principle will be revealed!
(ssshhh, it’s a SECRET)!

Experience Wilderness Therapy and Enhance Your Intuitive Therapist Abilities

An essential part of the EDIT™ Method involves guiding clients to shift from the chatter of the eating disorder mind (ED) to inner wisdom which Dr. Dorie calls the Intuitive Therapist (IT) within us all. EDIT™ Certified Eating Disorder Peer Mentors, EDIT™ Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches, and EDIT™ Certified Eating Disorder Treatment Clinicians facilitate this ED-IT transformation by modeling the voice of IT until clients can hear IT within themselves.

During the retreats, Dr. Dorie will guide you in a variety of Wilderness Therapy activities designed to access the inner wisdom of your own Intuitive Therapist. You’ll leave the retreat with many tools and techniques to use with your clients, along with the ability to be an Intuitive Therapist role model for your clients.

EDIT™ Certified IV

These experiential group retreats of up to 10 participants are conducted by the creator of EDIT™ – “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS – and Rachel Stokes, who is an EDIT™ Certified IV – Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and the Coaching Director at the EDIT™ Training Institute.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a group retreat experience as a SPRING 2021 beach retreat on Galveston Island, Texas -OR- a FALL 2021 mountain retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado. You’ll experience coaching and clinical training sessions, soulful connection with other retreat participants, along with the opportunity to truly LIVE the EDIT™ Principles yourself! Please review the sections below for additional features and benefits.

Participation in either of the eating disorder conference and retreat dates fulfill the requirements to be EDIT™ Certified IV.

These experiential group retreats of up to 10 participants are conducted by the creator of EDIT™ – “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS. Additional facilitation is provided by Rachel Stokes, EDIT™ Certified IV – Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, and the Coaching Director for the EDIT™ Training institute LLC.

Participation either retreat fulfills the requirements to be EDIT™ Certified IV, with the benefits of a group retreat experience amidst the Fall colors in the mountains of beautiful Colorado OR on the beach of Galveston Island, TX in the Spring. 

You will experience clinical training sessions, soulful connection with other retreat participants, along with the opportunity to truly LIVE the five EDIT™ Principles yourself! Lodging, meals, training materials and access to retreat activities are included with eating disorder conference registration. 

Lodging and most meals are included in your registration! Please note that rates reflect double-occupancy rooms (private rooms are available at each event, for an extra fee). Snacks, beverage and most meals are provided (you’ll also have the opportunity to take “field trips” into town together, where you can have meals in small groups or on your own).

The eating disorder conference retreat begins on SUNDAY with check-in throughout the afternoon and evening. The official program is all day MONDAY thru FRIDAY (with opportunities for “field trips” to explore the area in small groups or on your own). The events conclude FRIDAY at 5pm local time. You may stay overnight and check out on SATURDAY morning.

Detailed retreat schedules will be provided to enrolled participants as each event nears. 

Before the retreat, you’ll complete the training and certification featuring six 1-hour training videos, which walk you through the entire EDIT™ Training Manual with soecific skills to use the EDIT™ Worksheets as recovery tools with your clients. You’ll complete your EDIT™ Test, and become EDIT™ Certified I.

Before the retreat, you’ll complete the advanced training and certification as Home Study, which includes role-play videos to see EDIT™ In Action.” You’ll also have access to excerpts from Dr. Dorie’s books, plus you’ll complete a case study where you can demonstrate the application of Advanced EDIT™ Skills. to become EDIT™ Certified II.

These special events are offered for times a year, and participation is required before attending the in-person retreat. These virtual weekend retreats provide interactive training to learn applications of EDIT™ to a variety of clients and settings (including adolescents, athletes, specific medical conditions, groups, families, faith-based, LGBTQ+). You’ll build confidence, develop collaborations to reach more clients, and much more!

Your retreat registration also includes TWO 1-on-1 MENTORING CALLS with Dr. Dorie! Schedule your first 30-minute call any time BEFORE the retreat (so Dr. Dorie can get to know you, and you can set intentions for your retreat experience). Schedule your second 30-minute call any time AFTER the retreat (to anchor your experience, and address your specific follow-up requests)!

Upon completion of the retreat and case study, you may use the title EDIT™ Certified IV, which adds credibility for your client work in the specialty area of eating disorders treatment . You’ll also receive an EDIT™ Certified IV certificate, which is suitable for framing and can be used for documentation of 30 CEUs. A detailed description of the clinical content and Dr. Dorie’s credentials can be provided upon request, which most licensure boards will accept as proof of CEUs for licensure renewal. An EDIT™ Certified badge will be provided for your use on your website and other marketing materials.

After you complete your Level I certification, you can be listed in the EDIT™ Certified Directory, and then update your listing as you complete your additional Levels II-III-IV. Your profile includes your photo, contact information, and a paragraph description of services. Your listing can also have links back to your website, which can enhance your Search Engine Optimization so the clients who need your help can find you more easily!